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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

It's a bride's worst nightmare... A stain, spot or smudge on your beautiful white wedding gown, moments before walking down the aisle. Don't fret! We chatted with some of our experts and got the inside scoop on fast dress fixes, including everything you should have in your wedding day emergency kit. Everything from stains and smudges to dirt and stray fabrics. Keep reading for more information! Bride beware: Delicate fabrics, like the ones used to create your gorgeous wedding gown, require delicate care. Removing stains from your wedding gown can be tricky, and we strongly encourage consulting with your bridal salon or a professional cleaner for any stain or smudge.

1. Krazy Glue 2. Baby Wipes 3. Small Scissors 4. Lint Roller 5. Needle and Thread

Q: What's your go-to for getting rid of stains or smudges?

A: A damp cloth is the safest, easiest bet.... A lot of smudges will actually just wipe right off! Otherwise, a baby wipe followed by a damp cloth will take care of almost any imperfection! Blot the area with a baby wipe, and follow with a damp cloth... Then get back on the dance floor!

Q: What are your must-haves for a wedding day emergency kit?

A: First and foremost, baby wipes. They're so multi-functional, and you'll use them for everything! Aside from that, an instant adhesive like Krazy Glue or Super Glue, which is perfect for mending a broken heel or jewelry. Make sure you have a pair of small scissors to snip any stray strands from your dress, and a needle and thread can save the day, should the strap on your maid of honor's dress detach. One of my favorite quick fixes? A lint roller! Stray strands, lint, dust and even flecks of dirt from your bridal photo session can be removed with a swipe of a lint roller!

Q: What preventive tips do you have for brides?

A: If possible, step into your gown. The easiest way to get makeup on your pristine, white gown is to trying to pull it over your head. Also, try not to over-do the deodorant. We don't want you sweating on your big day, but deodorant does stain, and it's one of the most common blemishes on a wedding dress.