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 Gowns less than $1,000

Here at Elegance Made Simple, we carry designers known for their reputation of high quality and style. These designer gowns are available for purchase only through an authorized retailer and are NOT available for online purchase. (Discontinued styles -exception) Beware of websites offering designer dresses for purchase through the internet. Chances are, the product is counterfeit, and will prove to be of lesser quality, fit, and detail.  




Wedding Dress Scams: Dream Dresses & Wedding Nightmares

Throughout the ages, the perfect wedding dress has captured the imaginations of women and girls everywhere. That makes it all the more heartbreaking when a wedding is ruined and a dream shattered because of a scam. Today, tight budgets and technology have led more and more women to look online for deals on wedding dresses. And to be sure, there are deals to be had. High-quality custom-made dresses can be found online. However, among the deals lie ill-fitting replicas, hideous counterfeits, and callous fraudsters who will steal your money and put your happy wedding in jeopardy.

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For lists of websites to avoid visit Scam Alert: Online Wedding Dress Ripoffs and Buyer Beware: Your Wedding Gown May Be Counterfeit If You Shop Online


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