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Here at Elegance Made Simple, we carry designers known for their reputation of high quality and style. These designer gowns are available for purchase only through an authorized retailer and are NOT available for online purchase. (Discontinued styles -exception) Beware of websites offering designer dresses for purchase through the internet. Chances are, the product is counterfeit, and will prove to be of lesser quality, fit, and detail.  

We offer more than is shown on this page. Please stop by and take a look.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to see the dress of your dreams by trying to get a loaner dress in to view.

   (Click images for more information and pictures on Moonlight's website) 


Style H1351

Style H1356B

Style H1372


Style J6398

Style J6509

Style J6704

Style J6705

Style J6742X

Style J6749

Style J6746

Style J6776