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Discontinued Bridal Dress Sale


The dresses below are slightly used sample dresses, from off our rack, and on sale because they have been discontinued and are only available in the sizes listed.  Stop by and look at these beautiful dresses! 

HURRY - Sale ends when dresses are gone!

Size 4

Maggie Sottero "Austin"

Moonlight Style J6239


Size 6

Alfred Angelo Style 2119

Alfred Angelo Style 2121

Alfred Angelo Style 2396

Moonlight Style J6436


Size 8

Alfred Angelo Style 2244

Alfred Angelo Style 2379

Alfred Angelo Style 2385

Alfred Angelo Style 2479

Alfred Angelo Style 2516

Alfred Angelo Style 2621

Alfred Angelo Style 8507

Maggie Sottero "Carney"

Moonlight Style H1247

Moonlight Style J6265

Moonlight Style J6298

Moonlight Style J6362

Moonlight Style J6401


Size 10

Alfred Angelo Style 1774

Alfred Angelo Style 2472

Alfred Angelo Style 2510

Alfred Angelo Style 2566T

Alfred Angelo Style 8520

Essence of Australia Style D1479

Jasmine F420

Maggie Sottero "Arabella"

Maggie Sottero "Collins"

Maggie Sottero "Divina"

Maggie Sottero "Londyn"

Maggie Sottero "Lucy"

Maggie Sottero "Paulina Marie"

Moonlight Style H1261

Moonlight Style J6328

Moonlight Style J6351

Moonlight Style J6366

Moonlight Style J6397

Moonlight Style J6399

Moonlight Style J6402


Size 12

Alfred Angelo Style 2438

Alfred Angelo Style 2446

Moonlight Style J6362

Alfred Angelo Style 2484

Alfred Angelo Style 2491

Alfred Angelo Style 2580

Alfred Angelo Style 8504

Essence of Australia Style D1460

Essence of Australia Style D1595

Maggie Sottero "Elison"

Maggie Sottero "Saxton"

Moonlight Style H1227

Moonlight Style H1230

Moonlight Style J6257

Moonlight Style J6327

Moonlight Style J6345

Moonlight Style J6351

Sincerity Style 3788

Size 14

Alfred Angelo Style 1148

Alfred Angelo Style 2444

Alfred Angelo Style 2469

Alfred Angelo Style 2511

Alfred Angelo Style 5000

Alfred Angelo Style 8556

Belsoie L3001

Maggie Sottero "Holly Marie"

Moonlight Style H1261

Moonlight Style J6241

Moonlight Style J6265

Moonlight Style J6299

Moonlight Style J6317

Moonlight Style T745

Moonlight Style T665

Size 16

Alfred Angelo Style 2376

Alfred Angelo Style 2555

Alfred Angelo Style 2572

Maggie Sottero "Chandler"

Maggie Sottero "Misty"

Maggie Sottero "Monier"

Moonlight Style H1316

Moonlight Style J6322


Size 18

Alfred Angelo Style 2301

Alfred Angelo Style 2387

Alfred Angelo Style 2610

Moonlight Style J6315

Moonlight Style J5963

Moonlight Style J6217

Moonlight Style T676


Size 20

Alfred Angelo Style 2208

Alfred Angelo Style 2441

Moonlight Style J6363

Size 22

Alfred Angelo Style 2119



Size 24


Alfred Angelo Style 8500

Alfred Angelo Style 8506