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Short Bridesmaid Dresses

We offer more than is shown on this page. Please stop by and take a look.  All Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid dresses are available as long or short lengths.

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Style 7017S

Style 7027S

Style 7041S

Style 7138

Style 7172

Style 7176

Style 7180

Style 7242S

Style 7243S

Style 7259S



Style 7263S

Style 7268S



Style 7271S





Style 7278S

Style 7279S

Style 7298S

Style 7320S


Style 7321S


Style 7327S



Style 7330S

Style 7331S

Style 7332S

Style 7334S

Style 7335S

Style 7337S

Style 7339S

Style 7340S