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Long Bridesmaid Dresses

We offer more than is shown on this page. Please stop by and take a look. All Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid dresses are available as long or short lengths.

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Style 7006

Style 7016

Style 7016

Style 7027

Style 7041




Style 7138

Style 7168

Style 7180



Style 7242

Style 7243

Style 7257

Style 7264





Style 7277




Style 7283







Style 7289

Style 7290

Style 7291







Style 7302

Style 7319L

Style 7322L

Style 7323L

Style 7324L

Style 7325

Style 7329L

Style 7333L

Style 7336L

Style 7341L

Style 7343L

Style 8100L

Style 8101L

Style 8102L

Style 8618L

Style 8621L