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Due to Alfred Angelo filing for bankruptcy, we will no longer be able to place orders and  we will be offering all Alfred Angelo dresses that are in store at a 30% discounted price.

Style 7016L

Style 7017L

Style 7017S

Style 7027L

Style 7027S

Style 7041L

Style 7041S

Style 7138S

Style 7166L

Style 7168L

Style 7172S

Style 7176L

Style 7180L

Style 7180S

Style 7241L

Style 7242L

Style 7242S

Style 7243L

Style 7243S

Style 7257L

Style 7257S

Style 7259S

Style 7264L

Style 7278S

Style 7279S

Style 7289L

Style 7289S

Style 7290L

Style 7291L

Style 7298S

Style 7322L

Style 7322S

Style 7323L

Style 7326S

Style 7330S

Style 7333L

Style 7338L

Style 7340S

Style 7354L

Style 7358L

Style 7359L

Style 7358L

Style 7361S

Style 7362L

Style 7363S

Style 7364L

Style 7365L

Style 7366L

Style 7367L

Style 7368S

Style 7369S

Style 7370S

Style 7371L

Style 7372S

Style 7373S

Style 7375L

Style 7376L

Style 7377S

Style 7378L

Style 7379L

Style 7381L

Style 7382L

Style 7390S

Style 7391L

Style 7395L

Style 8121S

Style 8122L

Style 8124L