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We offer more than is shown on this page. Please stop by and take a look.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to see the dress of your dreams by trying to get a loaner dress in to view.

All dresses available in regular and plus sizes.   dresses less than $1,000

(Click images for more information and pictures on Alfred Angelo's website)

Alfred Angelo

Style 957 *New

Style 2208

Style 2396

Style 2438 

Style 2444

Style 2450

The Bridal Collection

Style 2491

Style 2511

Style 2527

Style 2547

Style 2552

Style 2555

Style 2562

Style 2566T

Style 2568

Style 2572

Style 2580

Style 2583

Style 2600

Style 2601 *New


Style 2610*New

Style 2614 *New

Style 2621 *New

Style 5000 *New

Modern Vintage Bridal

Style 8516

Style 8535 

Style 8535NT 

Style 8556